It's nearly ten years now since the concept "I Don't Generally Like Classical Music, but with Gaspard Proust I Do" became the most popular and unifying project on the classical music market. Saturday 13 October 2018, at 8 pm, Grimaldi Forum Monaco Adapting this success to the stage was therefore a logical yet bold next step. Logical, since it's a good bet that music that is popular when recorded will also be well received on stage. Bold, because it's a project that involves transforming a purely musical and visual subject into a full-on show. It turns out that Gaspard Proust is a huge music fan. He got thoroughly caught up in the project, and came up with his own musical selection which runs from Bach to the twentieth century, from the "Four Seasons" to the "Nutcracker", and gives us a taste of the most beautiful pieces in the repertoire, experienced through the prism of his unique and irresistible humour. For this event, Gaspard Proust will be surrounded by a group of renowned classical musicians playing the piano, violin, cello, viola, flute and clarinet. Once again, the audience will enjoy a fabulous concert and more as stand-up meets classical music.